About Us

Company Overview

Hoekstene was first established on the 18th of June 2019 in Singapore. We are aiming to be one of the leading distribution companies in the country that procures unique beverages from all corners of the world and providing exceptional quality for both beverages and service to all our consumers and clients.


Company Motto

Bringing everyone closer, one drink at a time – one drink, one family, one home.


Company Vision

We are committed to a long-term brand building structure enabling us to grow and even expand into other countries through innovation and marketing creativity.


Company Values

Our values are what we believe represents us as Hoekstene, a company, a business and a family. We also firmly believe in treating our consumers and clients with respect and faith. As well as, conducting ourselves with honesty, integrity, loyalty, consistency, commitment and respectable business ethics in every aspect that we operate in.



2019 – We are the first company to obtain draught beer from China in order to be distributed in Singapore.

2020 – We obtained the rights to distribute Kwirk in Singapore.