Black Tears & Ron La Progresiva 13 Bundle

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The Bundle Includes:
Black Tears Spiced Rum Bottle 700ml x 1
Ron La Progresiva 13 Bottle 700ml x 1
Black Tears Shaker x 1
Ron La Progresiva 13 Chilling Stones (9 in a set) x 1
Black Tears Tote Bag x 1
Black Tears Miniature Bottle x 1
Ron La Progresiva 13 Miniature Bottle x 1
Perrier Sparkling Water 750ml x 6
Black Tears is an emotional blend of Cuban rum and seductive Cuban spices. Based on a Silver Dry rum from one of the best distilleries on the island, Black Tears is the first ever dry Spiced Cuban Rum on the global market.
Hand-crafted by Bodega Vigia’s women rum maestros, La Progresiva 13 breaks new ground. Savour this elegant, dry rum like a fine Cognac or rare whiskey: with a twist of orange and a single large ice cube or room temperature in a balloon glass. The aromatics sing in a Progressive Old-Fashioned, a Cuban Negroni, or a Hemingway Daiquiri.